What does JAF stand for?

Just a friend

JAF stands for "just a friend," which is another way to say that you and the other person are not romantically linked.

If your crush describes you as JAF then you might die inside because he or she just put you in the friendzone, which is nearly impossible to escape. It's almost as bad as the brotherzone.

Typically, females use JAF to describe guys that they aren't attracted to and dismiss as a potential suitor. They may also say "I love you as a friend" (ILYAAF) or "Love you like a friend" (LULAF).

However, a cheater in a relationship may tell his significant other that the girl he is texting is "just a friend," when he is really getting with her. This is especially common with women telling their boyfriend or husband that their work boyfriend is just a friend when really, it's more than that. See Pam and Jim (and Roy) from The Office.


Who's that guy I saw you hanging out with over lunch?
Eh, he's JAF

You may use JAF to squash rumors or lie to yourself about your attraction to that "friend"

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Updated December 22, 2020

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