1. What does FBF stand for?

Flashback Friday

A social media acronym similar to TBT that refers to a posting of a picture from the past on Friday.

The FBF acronym is most commonly seen on Instagram, a site that focuses on sharing picture posts. The acronym is commonly seen following a post with a hashtag (#) next to it.


Can you believe we were this little? So cute! #FBF

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Updated September 28, 2016
2. What is an fbf?

Facebook friend

An fbf is a Facebook friend, which is a friend on the social site but most likely not in real life. It is primarily used online, especially on Facebook, and may also be used in text messages.

Where did fbf come from?

The origins of fbf are unclear, but it became popular in the late-2000s as Facebook grew into a burgeoning social platform. Instead of writing out "Facebook friend" in its entirety, people began using the "fbf" abbreviation instead.

When do I use fbf?

Fbf is primarily reserved for friends on Facebook that you are not friends with in real life (IRL). You may have not even met an fbf in real life. Examples of fbfs include a distant relative, a friend of your mom or dad's, a friend of one of your friends, or a rando that is facestalking you.

Sometimes fbfs can be extra and just too much to handle on a daily basis, especially when you are scrollaxing. In these cases, you can unfollow the fbf or unfriend them altogether.


I've chatted with a lot of FBFs lately

An fbf is typically not a real friend

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Updated May 4, 2021

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