Spill The Tea

What does spill the tea mean?

Share the gossip

Spill the tea is a phrase used to tell a person to share any gossip that she knows. It's similar to the older "spill your guts" or "spill the beans" phrases.

The phrase comes from "Spill the T," where the "T" stands for "truth," which was introduced by drag queen Lady Chablis in the 1994 book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." However, the "spill the tea" phrase didn't become popular in mainstream culture until 2018.

The phrase is a little more clever than "spill the T" because tea is something that you can actually spill but also still sounds the same as if you were just saying the letter "T." The phrase is typically used by females who love to gossip and want to know every dirty detail of other people's lives. You may also see variations of the phrase, such as "weak tea" or "give us the tea."


Stop holding out on us, spill the tea!
Spill The Tea means
Spill The Tea means Share the gossip

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Updated April 2, 2019

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