What does FOBI stand for?

Fear of being included

FOBI is a sentiment shared by many introverts when they don't want to be invited or involved with a social gathering. It is the opposite of the FOMO feeling, when a person, most likely an extrovert, is afraid of being left out.

While people generally want to be thought of and included, there are some instances where people don't want the pressure to attend and give energy to something in which they are uninterested. For example, a person who has had a long work week may just want to go home on Friday and read a book in their prejamas and experience FOBI when her co-worker invites her to a happy hour after work.

FOBI is similar to JOMO, which refers to the happiness a person experiences when missing out on something because it was lame or they just wanted to stay home. You will most likely see FOBI, FOMO, and JOMO when people express their introverted or extroverted feelings in messages and online, especially on social media.

Other reasons for FOBI

People are not just afraid of invitations to social gatherings. For instance, a woman may experience FOBI romantically, or a guy may experience FOBI on a work project that requires more commitment from him.


I need to get out of here before Shari invites me to her BBQ
The FOBI is strong with you

April Ludgate definitely has FOBI

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Updated September 27, 2022

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