What does FOMOF stand for?

Fear of missing out on football

FOMOF is an acronym that means "fear of missing out on football" and refers to the fear a person experiences when he is going to miss a football game. The acronym often appears on social sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, preceded with a hashtag (#).

The acronym is commonly used by fans who have to go to a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, etc. instead of watching the football game. It became popular through Verizon's 2013 Twitter campaign plugging their NFL Mobile app, which allows subscribers to watch NFL games on their mobile devices.


I dunno if I'll be coming tonight, I really wanna watch the Vikings and Packers game. #FOMOF
Oh cmon Luke!
QB Drew Brees explaining #FOMOF
QB Drew Brees explaining #FOMOF

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Updated December 6, 2016

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