What does FOGO stand for?

Fear of going outside

When you are afraid to go outside your home, you have a serious case of "FOGO," which means "fear of going outside." The fear may be related to social anxiety, dislike of the current weather, and/or not wanting to get sick from other people.

Where did FOGO come from?

FOGO is a variation of the more common FOMO acronym, which was popularized in the mid-2010s on social media. FOGO gained usage during the covid pandemic in 2020-21 when people became extra cautious about going outside to public spaces.

When do I use FOGO?

You can use FOGO to describe anyone who is worried about going outside. Examples include introverts who don't want to socialize (JOMO), people who don't want to freeze or melt in the extreme temperatures, neckbeards who don't like nature, or people who want to avoid getting sick.


Jeremy has a serious case of FOGO. He hasn't left the house in 3 weeks

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Updated July 16, 2021

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