What does frag mean in online gaming?

Player kill

First-person shooter (FPS) players use frag to mean "player kill." In competitive FPSes, players often use their frag count to compare their prowess to other players'.

What is the origin of frag?

During the Vietnam War, some U.S. soldiers attempted to kill their superior officers using fragmentation grenades. This practice became known as fragging.

When the video game Doom was released, its cooperative mode tracked how many times players killed their allies. In reference to fragging, Doom labeled this number a frag count.

After its release, Doom added a deathmatch (DM) mode. This mode also labeled kills as frags. Thus, for FPS players, fragging transitioned from the act of killing a friendly player to the act of killing an enemy player.


How many frags do you have so far?
Some players refer to recordings of their kills as frag videos
Some players refer to recordings of their kills as frag videos

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Updated February 10, 2022

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