What does frealz mean?

For real

Frealz is slang for the "for real" saying, which emphasizes agreement or authenticity. You may hear people say frealz in real life (IRL) or see it online and in messages.

For example, if you agree with your friend's assertion that grizzly bears are terrifying, you might reply with "frealz, bruh!" Or, you might confess to your brother, "I frealz love you. I'm sorry I keep giving you crap."

Frealz is just one variation of "for real" you may encounter. Others include 4rl, FR, frl, and FRFR.


OMG, this weather is amazing
Frealz! We needed this after the long winter
Frealz, Twitter is not for real.
Frealz, Twitter is not for real.

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Updated April 25, 2023

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