What is a freebie?

A free item or service

A freebie is something that is given free of charge. It may be a specific product or service of some type.

Freebies are typically offered as part of some type of promotion. One prominent example of a freebie promotion is the classic "Buy one, get one" (BOGO) where you buy an item or service at full price, then receive an item or service of equal or lesser value as a freebie.

Some other freebie promotions include receiving a free item just for going into a store, signing up to receive emails, wearing branded clothing, or spending a certain amount of money. There's pretty much always a catch when it comes to freebies these days, so be wary if you are offered one with no strings attached.

There are some people that make a living off freebies. These people are known as "Moochers." Watch out for them. They may look for freebies from you or aggressively take advantage of complimentary items from hotels (Ross Gellar-style), churches, food shelves, restaurants, and other hospitality-related businesses.


You should check out that website. They give freebies for promotions every day

Ross Gellar and all of his hotel freebies

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Updated December 11, 2020

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