What does friendversary mean?

Friendship anniversary

Friendversary means friendship anniversary. It is the day that 2 people officially became friends. You may see this on Facebook as it reminds you of important friendversaries in your life.

A friendversary, which combines "friendship" and "anniversary," can be celebrated much like a dating anniversary or wedding anniversary but without the romance. The two individuals may go out to eat, go to a ballgame, go to a movie, or simply stay in and play video games. The point of the occasion is to celebrate the uniqueness of the friendship and how much you enjoy each other's presence. It can easily lead to feels being shared so be on guard if you are not into that kind of stuff.


I can't believe this is our 12th friendversary, where has the time gone?!?
Yeah, we've been friends longer than I've been married
That means I'm more important, right?
Friends that make hearts together stay together
Friends that make hearts together stay together

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Updated July 25, 2016

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