What is a funcle?

A fun uncle

A funcle is an especially enjoyable uncle always up for a good time. Funcles may be hilariously entertaining, like getting out on adventurous outings, playing games, doing crafts, and other awesome things.

For example, a funcle may take their nieces and nephews out for a movie, buy popcorn, candy, and sodas, then take them out for ice cream. Or, a funcle may make a forgettable rainy day memorable by creating an epic game of hide-and-seek that even the most bummed-out kids will love.

Funcles are often single with no kids, which explains why they have the energy and availability to be so fun. They also have the luxury of leaving sugared-up and exhausted kids with their parents, avoiding the subsequent meltdowns.


I'm so thankful for Brian
Yeah, every kid needs a funcle that will buy them fireworks when their parents say no
Funcles are required to get ice cream for their nieces and nephews
Funcles are required to get ice cream for their nieces and nephews

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Updated July 12, 2023

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