What is g/f short for?


G/f is short for "girlfriend," which refers to a female romantic partner in a relationship that is not yet married or engaged. People may also use it to describe a friend that is female, only platonically.

The abbreviation is not as common as gf since it adds one more character, but teenagers and adults still use it online and in text messages. It is a helpful label, along with bf (or b/f), for females and males who are committed to a dating relationship.

Dating typically involves two people going on dates and hanging out with one another for large amounts of time. At some point in the dating timeline, the two people take it to a higher commitment level, which is when a female becomes a g/f.

The g/f label usually means that the parties involved have decided to be exclusive and not date anyone else until the relationship has ended. The next step after g/f is fianceé (engaged to be married), then spouse (married).


Do u and ur g/f wanna meet us at the game?

Selena looking to be someone's g/f

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Updated August 2, 2021

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