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1. What is b/f short for?


B/f is a mostly outdated way to abbreviate "boyfriend." Because default texting keyboards don't include a /, most people now prefer to abbreviate boyfriend as just bf.

However, you may still encounter b/f while chatting with someone online - especially while chatting with someone old. People who use b/f to mean boyfriend will likely also use g/f to mean girlfriend, instead of typing just gf.


Can u and ur b/f join us 2nite?

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Updated August 20, 2021
2. What is b/f short for?

Brain fart

When you have difficulty remembering something or when you say something stupid, you experience a "b/f," which is short for brain fart. People that have a b/f typically show intelligence but just lack smarts momentarily, like the lifetime of a fart.

Most people use b/f when messaging online and in texts to describe something stupid someone said or did. People commonly use BF instead of b/f, and people may also use the AFB acronym.

Examples of a b/f include forgetting your wife's birthday or not knowing the address of your new house. You may also commit a b/f in sports, like when you forget to tag up in baseball on a fly ball, and you get doubled up.


Sorry, I can't remember, just another b/f I guess
I hate those!

That b/f feeling

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Updated December 28, 2022

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