What does GAF stand for?

Give a f***


GAF refers to how much a person cares about someone or something. If you GAF you care but if you don't GAF (often communicated as IDGAF or DGAF), then you don't care.

Most people use GAF online (especially on social media) and in text messages. And they usually use it when showing disdain towards opinions, situations, or an authoritative figure.

For example, if they don't like a politician, they may rant that "you couldn't pay men enough money to GAF what he thinks." Or, if they are really mad when their favorite team loses, they may post on the team's Twitter page, "If they don't care about winning then why should I GAF about them?"

Since GAF includes an expletive, it may offend those reading it. Therefore, be judicious when using the acronym.


I dunno why he doesn't like them, they actually GAF about his policies
Tweet from a person who does not GAF
Tweet from a person who does not GAF

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Updated October 7, 2021

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