What does IDFC stand for?

I don't freaking care


IDFC stands for "I don't freaking care," which is a more intense version of the "I don't care" (IDC) sentiment. The acronym is typically used in text messages and online when someone really wants to express indifference towards something.

There are various instances when a person would use the IDFC acronym, including when feeling really annoyed or frustrated. Or the person may be feeling depressed and just doesn't have the energy to care about something else.

An example of when a person would use the IDFC acronym is when being asked very specific questions about something he is not interested in. Another example is when a gamer is deflecting insults from other gamers after getting torched in a video game.

The "F" in the acronym may also represent the F-bomb (F******). So be careful about who you send the acronym to and when you use it.


Do you think I should wear the dark blue, royal blue, or light blue dress tonite?

When you just don't care anymore

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Updated May 29, 2020

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