Galentine's Day

What does galentine's day mean?

February 13th ladies-only celebration

Galentine's Day is a holiday on February 13th (the day before Valentine's Day) that celebrates women. It combines "gal" and "Valentine's".

The term comes from the TV comedy "Parks and Recreation" and is Leslie Knope's (played by Amy Poehler) favorite day of the year. The celebration involves lady friends leaving their SOs to get together and share a breakfast. The episode in which the term was created aired during the second season of the show in 2010.

IRL, the holiday is not restricted to just breakfast or the February 13th date. It can even be observed on February 14th as a replacement to Valentine's Day by single ladies.


You free for Galentine's Day this year?
U know it! U will always be my galentine!
Leslie Knope talking about Galentine's Day
Leslie Knope talking about Galentine's Day

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Updated February 13, 2017

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