Galaxy Brain

What does galaxy brain mean?

Unorthodox thinking

People use galaxy brain to describe unorthodox ideas or thinking. Typically, people use galaxy brain to describe unique ideas they think are smart. However, people also often use galaxy brain ironically - to call out ideas they think are utterly terrible. (Hopefully, context will tell you how galaxy brain is being used in a specific situation.)

Origin of galaxy brain

Galaxy brain is derived from a meme in which many different images of the human brain are shown in succession, linked with a series of opinions or ideas. In these memes, the "best" idea (either a very good idea or a uniquely terrible idea) is shown linked to a brain that has neon beams of light shooting from it. This brain is the galaxy brain.

As the galaxy brain meme's popularity increased, so did use of the phrase galaxy brain. Now, you might see users refer to others' "galaxy brain ideas" or "galaxy brain thinking" on sites and apps like Twitter, Twitch, or TikTok.


What a galaxy brain play to fake punt on that fourth down. I mean, it didn't work, but I respect the idea
Some true galaxy brain thinking
Some true galaxy brain thinking

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Updated October 14, 2022

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