Garbage Person

What does garbage person mean?

A terrible person

These days, most people talking about garbage people on social media aren't discussing their local sanitation workers. Instead, they're talking about people they find to be as useless, worthless, and disgusting as garbage.

A garbage person tends to be inconsiderate, wasteful, slobby, and/or rude. For example, a stereotypical garbage person might borrow money from their friends and never pay it back, refuse to recycle soda cans, and leave their cigarette butts lying everywhere. (Because of course they still smoke.)

The origin of garbage person

People have used the word garbage to mean "worthless" since the late 1500s. They've been combining this meaning of garbage with the word person, to produce garbage person, since at least the 1970s. Notably, serial killer Charles Manson referred to himself as a garbage person while on trial in November 1970.


Can you believe he made her walk home from the concert alone in the dark? What a garbage person
A Redditor calling out a specific class of garbage people
A Redditor calling out a specific class of garbage people

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Updated January 20, 2023

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