Garbage Time

What does garbage time mean?

Time during a blowout game where strategies change

Garbage time is a sports term that refers to when a game is out of reach and the team's strategies change. During this time, starters may be taken out to play substitutes or starters may stay in the game and build up their stats against a soft defense trying to run the clock out.

The term is especially popular in fantasy football because garbage time means that players score more points for their team owners since the game is out of reach and the winning team's defense allows more yardage and scores in order to run the clock out. Garbage time is a big reason why you can't just look at player's stats to judge their ability since they could be facing soft defenses because their team is getting blown out.


Thank God for garbage time, Robinson racked up 21 pts in the 4th quarter

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Updated November 2, 2016

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