What does GDR mean online and in messages?

Grinning, ducking, running

When "GDR" follows a teasing or insulting message, it means "grinning, ducking, running." Using this acronym implies the poster thinks their message would cause someone to throw things at them if they were chatting F2F. Thus, the poster is virtually ducking and running away.

Of course, the "grinning" in "grinning, ducking, running" implies the poster is not sorry for what they said, and they would say it again. Therefore, someone who posts GDR is at least somewhat proud of what they said, even if they think it might get them in trouble.

Since the person using GDR is well aware of the repercussions of their actions, you might classify them as a troll or griefer. In most cases, it's best to ignore them if you don't know them since they are looking for a reaction.

GDR is one of several ways people may communicate the "grinning, ducking, running" sentiment. Other examples include "GD&R," "GR&D," or "GD&RVF" (if they said something really bad).


Those shorts make you look fat. GDR
Wow, that's incredibly rude
I thought you wanted honesty?
Not that much
GDR means "grinning, ducking, running"
GDR means "grinning, ducking, running"

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Updated April 19, 2023

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