What does GR&D stand for in messages and online?

Grinning, running, and ducking

When a person sends "GR&D" to accompany an insult, they are communicating that they know what they said will make the recipient angry. Therefore, they are "grinning, running, and ducking" to escape the figurative thing you would throw at them out of anger.

For example, if Kate knows that Lisa is sensitive about the largeness of her nose but still wants to tease or insult her, she might text, "That hat looks cute on you, but you look even more like Pinocchio now. GR&D." Or, you may be online trolling fans of a team who just was eliminated from the postseason, saying, "Don't worry, you'll get them back next game. GR&D."

While most people type it as GR&D, they may also send it as <GR&D>. Or, they may type it as "GD&R," "GDR," or "GD&RVF" (if they said something really bad).


Well, maybe YOU should ask him out! GR&D
You little punk!

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Updated April 20, 2023

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