Get After It

What does get after it mean?

Go seize the day

"Get after it" is a rallying cry to inspire yourself (and possibly others) to go seize the day. People may use it in varying contexts where they are looking to take advantage of the opportunity in front of them, whether it be working, exercising, competing, pursuing a love interest, etc.

The phrase is the modern-day version of "carpe diem," which is Latin for "seize the day." It's meant to encourage people not to let life pass them by and chase, or go after, their dreams and goals.

People may utter "get after it" in real life when working out, caption an inspirational photo on social media with the phrase, or send it in a message to encourage a person to persevere through hard times. Other, more hardcore people may even tattoo it on themselves as a reminder to never give up or settle.


Do you still love her?
Then get after it! Tell her how you feel!!
Get after it meme from Yoda
Get after it meme from Yoda

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Updated January 5, 2022

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