Ghost Cheeks

What are ghost cheeks?

The warmth on a seat left by another person

Ghost cheeks describes the warmth left by a person that is then felt by the next person to sit in the same spot. It plays off the idea of a ghost representing a presence that is felt but cannot be seen. And, of course, the "cheeks" part refers to a person's bottom.

The term can refer to any number of pieces of furniture, whether it be a chair, couch, bench, or even a porcelain throne. The last one may gross some people out because of the bare-skin component.

Ghost cheeks are especially prevalent when the temperature drops and the warmth is more noticeable. For example, ghost cheeks are incredibly wonderful when sitting on a cold bench outside.


Ghost cheeks are a powerful force to harness when enduring frigid Minnesota winters
No doubt. Always chasing sources of heat in February
That feeling when you sit on a warm toilet seat
That feeling when you sit on a warm toilet seat

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Updated February 9, 2023

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