What does nippy mean in regard to weather?


Nippy is when the air is cool enough to make it feel like it took a sharp bite of you. The feeling comes from when the cold air hits your skin, causing a sensation of light pain.

When do people use nippy?

People often use nippy when talking about unexpected cold weather conditions, like the first cold morning of fall. They may have just walked outside or returned from the elements and feel the need to warn you before you venture out. For example, your dad may come in from getting the mail and tell you, "Be sure to wear a jacket; it's a bit nippy out there."

However, people may also use it to describe the temperature of an indoor space, such as a living room, restaurant, or auditorium. For example, your friend may text you to bring a sweater to the restaurant cause it's nippy in there.

Additionally, people typically use nippy to describe first-tier coldness. When it gets colder, you'll start to hear "freezing," "bone-chilling," "bitterly cold," and "I can't feel my face!"


Whoa, it's nippy! I wasn't ready for this
I know. Every year I tell myself I'm gonna move south but never do

It's a bit nippy out here, eh?

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Updated January 19, 2023

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