What does ghostlighting mean?

Stop communicating with someone and pretend like you don't know him

Ghostlighting is a slang term that combines ghosting and gaslighting. It refers to when a person stops communicating with a person, then when that person tries to contact him, acts like he doesn't know him.

Ghostlighting is typically done in order to avoid social awkwardness with a former friend or intimate partner. The person doing the gaslighting usually doesn't mean to make the other person feel crazy, he's just terrible with ending relationships. While ghostlighting is done to avoid awkwardness, it may lead to an incredible amount of awkwardness if the person being ghostlighted perseveres to be acknowledged.


I was just ghostlighted at the supermarket by my gf from 5 years ago

When you are a victim of ghostlighting

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Updated December 13, 2017

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