What does solange mean?


Solange is a slang term for crazy that is commonly used to describe someone who is acting crazy. The term comes from an incident involving Solange Knowles, her sister Beyoncé, and Beyoncé's husband, Jay-Z.

The incident was a fight that broke out between Solange and Jay-Z that was recorded in the elevator of the Standard Hotel at a Met Gala after-party on May 5th, 2014. In the video, Solange loses it and goes after Jay-Z but is held back by a security guard. The altercation supposedly started because Solange thought Jay-Z was flirting too much with other women.


Did you see Kelci last night?
No, what happened?
She had way too much to drink and went Solange on her ex-boyfriend, it was awesome!
Jay-Z and Solange after the incident
Jay-Z and Solange after the incident

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Updated July 27, 2017

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