What does SC2 stand for in gaming?

StarCraft 2

Gamers use SC2 as shorthand for StarCraft 2. In this popular real-time strategy (RTS) game, players use science fiction-inspired military units to engage in galactic warfare, against either an AI opponent or each other.

Blizzard Entertainment released the original version of StarCraft 2 (subtitled Wings of Liberty) in July 2010. The game received three expansions: Heart of the Swarm (HotS), Legacy of the Void (LotV), and Nova Covert Ops (NCO). The last of these was released in 2016.

While SC2's single player campaign and mythos are popular, its multiplayer scene is a true juggernaut. Despite SC2's age, the game's eSports circuit remains incredibly active, especially in South Korea.


Wanna play some SC2 tomorrow nite?
You know I do
A screenshot from Blizzard's official SC2 website
A screenshot from Blizzard's official SC2 website

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Updated September 19, 2023

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