What kind of a person is a cyberbully?

A person who bullies someone using technology

A cyberbully is a person who harasses one or more people through some form of technology, most predominantly, the Internet. The purpose of cyberbullying is to embarrass or intimidate people through the use of words, images, video, and audio.

Cyberbullying is similar to regular bullying but focuses more on causing psychological harm than physical harm. It typically occurs among teenagers who have access to the Internet or a device that can communicate with other devices. Common targets are outcasts, people who don't "fit in" with the popular, homogenous crowd.

The cyberbullying may occur in public spaces online, like Twitter and Facebook. However, it often happens in more private avenues, such as DMs, Snapchat, phone calls, and text messages. Although the bullying is usually done remotely, it can still cause extreme psychological harm to the recipients that may lead to depression and/or suicide.


I saw some of his private messages and I think he's being cyberbullied by James

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Updated August 16, 2019

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