Glam Shaming

What does glam shaming mean?

Criticizing a person for being too glamorous

Glam shaming is a slang term that refers to the criticizing of a person for being too glamorous. The person being glam shamed may be wearing too much makeup or have too nice of hair.

Glam shaming is usually done to people who are too good-looking in order to make them feel bad about their nice appearance. Oftentimes, glam shamers think that the glamorous person looks too good for a certain occasion, such as a no make-up selfie, a funeral, or sports game. The glam shame is mainly directed at women, such as actresses and models. Glam shaming commonly occurs on social sites in reaction to images posted in the Internet. It may also be seen as glam-shaming.


Did you see all the glam shaming of Drew Barrymore on Twitter?
Glam Shaming means
Glam Shaming means Criticizing a person for being too glamorous

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Updated April 25, 2018

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