What does glamping mean?

Glamorous camping

Glamping means "glamorous camping." Glampers enjoy camping but prefer to do it with more amenities (and less work) than traditional campers. If you're camping in a carpeted tent, a heated yurt, or a baller, resort-style treehouse, you're glamping.

The term "glamping" was coined in 2005, but gained prominence as AirBnB-style glamping websites became more popular in the late 2010s. Glampsites that go all-out may provide glampers with wine, guided nature experiences, meal service, hot tubs, and more. Of course, at some point, you have to ask yourself whether glamping is actually camping at all ...


I wanted to go camping, but he wanted a hotel. So we settled on glamping instead

If you're camping here, you're glamping

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Updated October 28, 2020

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