What is a glaggle?

A yellow smiley-face resident of Glaggleland

A glaggle is an unsettling yellow, smiley-face creature from "Glaggleland," a bizarre fictional world featuring rides, treats, and exotic creatures. It was birthed from a creepypasta and imagined by the fandom's various memes. While the term is obscure, Glaggleland fans may refer to people online or in real life (IRL) as glaggles, likely confusing others unfamiliar with the fictional species.

The Glaggleland community (which does not like normies) has defined the characteristics of glaggles through various social media and forum posts. Some include possessing a joyful expression that hides something nefarious and a love of sweet treats (especially "thorn glognuts" in the shape of glaggles).

Origin of glaggle

The slang term "glaggle" comes from Glaggleland, whose origins are mysterious. Some believe Glaggleland started in a private, now-deleted Discord server, while others note that Glaggleland memes and videos first surfaced in 2021 from creepypasta stories on social sites like Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit, then spread to Twitter and TikTok from there. Gamers have also become fans, creating interactive iterations of Glaggleland in Roblox.


That glaggle-looking dude by the door is creeping me out
Yeah, I say we bounce
User tweeting that they are a baby glaggle
User tweeting that they are a baby glaggle

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Updated May 24, 2023

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