Goblin Mode

What does goblin mode mean?

Behaving badly

Goblin mode is a state of laziness, recklessness, messiness, and mischievousness that can be achieved by only the most indifferent individuals. Just like a goblin, those operating in goblin mode do not care what society or other people think of them. As such, they engage in behavior that non-gobbos would think better of.

While each person's individual goblin mode varies, the telltale signs of a person gone gobbo include a lack of effort put into their appearance and/or hygiene, an unwillingness to perform even basic chores, and a vigorous desire for junk food. Some gobbos "devolve" even further, and begin stealing things or playing pranks on those around them.

For example, if your roommate Greg spent a weekend playing video games, downing Red Bulls, stealing your food from the refrigerator, and forgoing showers and shaves, you could say Greg had gone goblin mode. (You could also say Greg is a terrible roommate.)


Dude, this week's been so tough, I'm going full goblin mode starting Friday night
TMW you go goblin mode and can't be stopped
TMW you go goblin mode and can't be stopped

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Updated November 23, 2022

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