What is goblincore?

An aesthetic centered around overlooked natural things

Goblincore is a subculture that celebrates "ugly" or overlooked natural things, such as fungi, bones, stones, roots, and dirt. Practitioners of goblincore, who sometimes refer to themselves as goblins, gobs, or gobbos, also tend to hoard small items, which they refer to as "shinies."

The goblincore community is most active on Tumblr, but you may also encounter gobbos celebrating mushrooms, moss, buttons, and clutter on Twitter, TikTok, and other social media websites. Gobbos are generally chill, because they enjoy living in harmony with the world, nature, and each other, and welcoming to those who want to join the goblincore community.


Dirt on face, animal skull atop the fireplace, and a pile of tiny, shiny rocks. Yup, that person is def in2 goblincore
A new goblin discovering goblincore on Reddit
A new goblin discovering goblincore on Reddit

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Updated November 19, 2020

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