What does gobbo mean?


Players of DnD and practitioners of goblincore know that gobbo means "goblin." This endearing nickname is used by those who consider goblins cute, charming, and carefree.

While goblins were originally depicted as frightening, malicious creatures, many modern goblins are depicted as strange yet ultimately good-natured beings. For example, in Magic: The Gathering (MTG), goblins are often depicted as simple, boisterous creatures who endearingly bite off more than they can chew.

These depictions, as well as some people's affinity for goblins' grungy, minimalist lifestyle, have led to goblins becoming some of fantasy's most delightful creatures, and earned them the nicknames "gob" and "gobbo."


PC: How many gobbos are surrounding us?
DM: About twenty, but they look friendly

A couple confused gobbos

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Updated November 25, 2020

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