What is grats short for?


"Grats" is an abbreviation used to congratulate someone on an accomplishment. Many gamers use it to compliment each other after an achievement, and others use it in online and text messages and on social media.

As mobile phones and the Internet grew in popularity in the early-2000s, people began abbreviating often-used words to save time when communicating. When it comes to "grats," people simply removed the "con."

An example of when you may use grats is when commenting on a person's tweet about graduating college. Or, if your friend texts you that she's pregnant, you might respond with "Grats! Let me know how I can help!"

People may also spell grats with a "z" ("gratz") or abbreviate it even further as "gz."


We just finished all dungeon hard modes last night!
Grats, man!
A grats tweet
A grats tweet

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Updated December 1, 2021

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