What does gtrdun mean?

Get 'er done

Gtrdun is short for "get 'er done," a redneck slang phrase that means "just do it." The phrase was made famous by comedian Larry the Cable Guy in the early 2000s.

You may see or hear people use "gtrdun" in many contexts, including online messages and texts, on social media, and at parties. For example, your friend may text you, "Gtrdun!!" after you send them a pic of a car you want to buy. Or, you might post a pic of your favorite team on Twitter after they won the championship with the caption, "Gtrdun, boys!! National champs!"


You still haven't added a supercharger to your '89 Mustang? Gtrdun!
Haha, I'm still saving up money!
Larry the Cable Guy and his catchphrase
Larry the Cable Guy and his catchphrase

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Updated February 24, 2023

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