CID has 2 meanings
1. What is cid short for?


An abbreviation for acid, which is the same as LSD, an illegal drug; causes you to hallucinate; often used with the trippin; gained immense popularity in the 1960s and 1970s.


Did u c Barry yesterday?
No, y?
He was totally tripping on cid!

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Updated December 17, 2014
2. What does CID stand for?

Consider it done

When someone sends you CID, you can chillax. CID stands for "consider it done," meaning the person you're talking to is going to take care of whatever task you've assigned them.

A text, chat, or email message containing CID may or may not merit a follow-up, depending on the circumstances and how you're feeling. For example, if you trust the person who sent you CID, you can reply with a brief "thx." If you don't, you can reply with "LMK when you've finished."


Can you send a memo to the art department telling them the printer will be fixed by Friday?
Sure, CID
As an acronym, CID means "consider it done"
As an acronym, CID means "consider it done"

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Updated September 22, 2021

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