What does DIY stand for?

Do it yourself

DIY is an acronym people often use to refer to things, such as projects or tasks, they can do themselves (even if they are amateurs). For example, a homeowner may perform DIY jobs when they don't want to spend much on a professional, such as a plumber or carpenter.

People may use DIY in various contexts, including online, in messages, and in real life. For example, you may watch a home improvement TV show or YouTuber that guides viewers through DIY jobs. Or you may text your buddy, "Are you free next Saturday to help out with some DIY jobs at my cabin? I gotta pour some concrete footers and repair the docks."


Changing the oil in your car can be a DIY job if you don't mind getting a little dirty
I'd love for you to show me. It'd save me a lot of money
Sure thing
DIY jobs are not always pretty
DIY jobs are not always pretty

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Updated July 5, 2023

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