What is h8t short for?


H8t is short for "hate," which is typically used to express an extreme dislike of something. It is most often seen online and in text messages.

While the abbreviation is not as common as h8, you may still see it used by teenagers on social media or in their texts. Some examples of when you would see it in conversation include when talking about rival sports teams, mean people that are annoying, cruel teachers, and anything related to Nickelback.

The abbreviation is one of many that utilize 8 as a substitute for "ate." Some others include I8U, h8r, 8, 2l8, l8r, m8, and n8kd.


I h8t it when I have to do homework all weekend!

The Grinch has a lot of h8t in his heart

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Updated December 21, 2020

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