What does h9 mean?

Husband in room

If you see your SO use the abbreviation H9, you might want to review the rest of their messages. H9 stands for "husband in room" - it's a code chatters use to let others know their husband could be reading their messages.

H9 is similar to C9, a code that kids use to tell others their parents are in the room. In both cases, chatters use these codes to ensure those they're talking to don't say anything the interested party is not meant to see.

However, while kids keeping secrets from their parents is pretty standard, a spouse keeping secrets from their husband is not. So if you are a husband whose spouse is sending H9 messages, you likely have better things to do than continue reading this definition ...


FYI, H9 for a bit

A woman who has gotten away with sending many H9 messages

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Updated October 28, 2021

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