Hop Off

What does hop off mean?

Go away

Hop off means "Go away" or "Leave me alone." It is used both online and offline to tell a person that he should stop whatever he's doing and leave you alone.

The phrase comes from when a person is riding you too hard, almost like a car driving too close to your tail on the highway and you tell him to "hop off your tail." It gained popularity in the early-2000s as an alternative to the "Back off" phrase.

It may be used in a variety of situations, like when your partner is being too critical of you or your parent is telling you how to live your life. It is a good alternative to lashing out and regretting saying something really hurtful.


I really don't think you should be dating her. She's not right for you
Hop off! You don't even know her

Hop off before you regret it

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Updated October 20, 2020

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