What is hoovering?

Sucking a person back into a relationship

Hoovering is when a person manipulates their partner to stay in a romantic relationship that they want to leave. The name comes from "Hoover," a popular vacuum brand name because the hooverer ([sp?|sp]) is sucking their partner back into the relationship.

Who typically hoovers?

People guilty of hoovering typically have narcissistic tendencies, where they think highly of themselves, display little empathy towards others, and want control in the relationship. When their partner makes it clear that they want out of the relationship, they start hoovering to maintain control.

Examples of hoovering

When a partner makes it clear they want to break up, a hooverer may plead to stay together and bombard the partner with love bombing tactics. Even after breaking up, a hooverer may surprise you with random visits, give overdue apologies, or attempt to contact you through friends or family. A hooverer may also threaten themselves with self-harm.


It's so clear that Kevin is hoovering Stacy, but she doesn't see it
Yeah, she's way too loyal and easy to manipulate

When your partner is hoovering you

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Updated August 9, 2022

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