What does GTFO stand for when online?

Get the f*** out


GTFO is an aggressive and vulgar way of telling someone to leave an online space, such as a forum, chatroom, or multiplayer game. For example, a Reddit user may get into a political argument with another user and reply to a post with "GTFO."

While most people use GTFO seriously when mad, others may use it more in jest. For example, if a friend trolls you by saying your favorite team is garbage, you may reply, "GTFO w/ that blasphemy!"

Or, you might use GTFO when gaming with a griefer who is on your last nerve. Additionally, since GTFO is aggressive, it's essential to be prudent with whom you use it (e.g., you might use GTFO with your close friends but not your in-laws).


You have been banned from this chat room so gtfo
You are a bunch of snowflakes!
An angry Twitter user using GTFO
An angry Twitter user using GTFO

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Updated June 5, 2023

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