What is hp5 short for in gaming?

Health per five seconds

Gamers use hp5 as shorthand for "health per five seconds." This stat tracks how quickly a damaged player's health regenerates. For example, a player with an hp5 of 20 regains 20 health every five seconds.

You're most likely to encounter hp5 while playing an MMORPG or MOBA, such as World of Warcraft (WoW) or League of Legends (LoL). In some games, characters regenerate health by default, while in others, characters can equip items that give them hp5 abilities.

A larger hp5 is always better, as it will let your character rejoin a fight more quickly after being damaged. If you're playing a tank, raising your hp5 can be extremely important, as it allows you to absorb more attacks for your teammates.


I need higher HP5 on my tank so I can last longer in combat
A WoW: Classic player inquiring about hp5 items
A WoW: Classic player inquiring about hp5 items

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Updated August 3, 2022

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