What does ICYDK stand for in emails and online?

In case you didn't know

People may send "ICYDK" in emails or messages as shorthand for "in case you didn't know" or "in case you don't know." They send it when they believe a person might not know a piece of information, such as a meeting time change or if a distant relative got married.

For example, your co-worker may email you, "ICYDK, our meeting next week with the new clients has changed to 3 instead of 1." Or, your brother may message you, "Cousin Kevin eloped last week in Mexico icydk."

People may also use ICYDK to preface a statement or possibly a hot take. For example, if someone on Twitter is a big fan of Patrick Mahomes (QB in the NFL), they might post on Twitter, "icydk, this is how you play qb" with a video of Mahomes highlights.

ICYDK is one of several acronyms people may send to notify you of something you might have missed. Some others include the common ICYMI and ICYWTBE.


ICYDK, I changed my flight to Thursday instead of Wednesday
TFTHU! I'll let the rest of the fam know
There are a lot of unintelligent Twitter users, ICYDK
There are a lot of unintelligent Twitter users, ICYDK

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Updated June 9, 2023

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