What does TFTHU stand for?

Thanks for the heads up

When someone shares helpful information, you might send them "TFTHU," which stands for "thanks for the heads up." It is similar to the "TFTI" and "T4LMK" acronyms.

The origins of TFTI are unclear, but it gained usage in the late-1990s as people began texting on mobile phones and messaging online more often. People created it to quickly thank others for sharing information, especially if it helped them avoid an embarrassing or harmful situation.

When do I use TFTHU?

An example of when you might receive TFTHU is when you text your friend that Stacy has a crush on him. Or, a gamer may message "TFTHU" to you after you share a tip on how to beat a brutal enemy.


Remember that Steve is coming over to pick up the clothes tonight
Oh yeah, TFTHU!

TFTHU, yo!

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Updated December 8, 2021

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