What does IDFK stand for?

I don't freaking know


You can say IDFK (I don't freaking know) when you really, really DK something. Most often, people use IDFK when they're upset about not knowing something, to emphasize how angry they are.

For example, the fifth time your wife asks you where her car keys are, if you still have no idea where she put her own car keys, you could respond with IDFK.

On a related note, because the F in IDFK can be construed as a stand-in for crass language, you should consider not using it to respond to people's questions. Instead, respond with the much politer (and more commonly used) IDK.


IDFK where I left my cell phone. I hope it's in my car

IDFK means "I don't freaking know"

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Updated June 7, 2022

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