What does IGYB mean in messages?

I got your back

IGYB means "I got your back," which is a sentiment of familial loyalty. It communicates that you will stand up and support the person no matter what happens.

People most often use IGYB in messages, whether they are online or in texts, to encourage others that they are with them, too. For example, if you share that you are nervous about confronting your boss, a supportive co-worker may message you, "You can do this. IGYB!"

Sports teams also may use IGYB as a slogan to forge a tight-knit team. For example, in 2022-23, the San Francisco 49ers football team adopted IGYB as their team motto for how they play on the field and back each other up.


You think I should tell him?
Yes. I know you're nervous, but you will feel better after telling him how you feel. And no matter what happens, IGYB
49ers IGYB tweet
49ers IGYB tweet

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Updated January 18, 2023

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