WYB has 2 meanings
1. What does WYB stand for?

Watch your back

Gamers use WYB as shorthand for "watch your back." This acronym may be an entreaty (e.g. "WYB, we can't keep feeding the other team.") or a threat (e.g. "WYB, I'm coming for you."). When playing a multiplayer game, your teammates may also tell you they are going to WYB - which means they'll do their best to protect you from enemies.

You may also encounter WYB on social media, used similarly to how gamers use it. For example, a toxic user or troll may tell you to WYB if you post something they disagree with.


WYB, he knows this map pretty well

Oh, it's on

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Updated January 20, 2022
2. What does WYB stand for?

When you buy

A couponing term that means you get a discount "when you buy" a certain number of items or pay a certain amount first.


WYB 4 you get 1 free

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Updated September 8, 2014

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