IMS has 2 meanings
1. What does IMS stand for?

I am sorry

IMS is a hybrid of an acronym and abbreviation that stands for "I am sorry." It is a way of apologizing when online or in a text message.

IMS is typically used when you regret doing something that hurt another person in some way. It is intended to apologize for doing that dumb thing and gain back favor from the person you wronged.


IMS I didn't get back to you earlier, but my dog ate my homework

He shouldn't be THAT sorry, his parents aren't that great

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Updated December 13, 2017
2. What does IMS stand for?

If memory serves

IMS is a shortened way of saying "If memory serves," which is useful when trying to recall something from the past. It is most often used online and when texting.

Who uses IMS?

Not many people use IMS since it is obscure and will most likely confuse recipients. Instead of IMS, people typically use the AFAIR, IIR, and IIRC acronyms. If you do encounter IMS, the person sending it is most likely someone who really enjoys using Internet lingo, like your "cool" mom.

When is IMS used?

IMS is most often utilized when people are trying to share information from the past that is stored in their memory bank. Instances include recalling an old street address, a childhood friend's name, something a sibling used to say, or the price of the first home they purchased.


IMS, we first met in Math class in 7th grade

Accessing your memory bank

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Updated April 14, 2021

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